Microfiber Twisted&Coral Fleece Blended Fabric

Item No.: CT23DEFU221-1
Width of cloth:165CM
Colour:Green(can be customized)
Main Material :80% polyester 20% polyamide

Can Be Used as Cleaning Rags and Mops
Microfiber cloths, towels, and mops can be found everywhere and are excellent fabrics for cleaning. They are woven to be strong and long-lasting, and due to their extremely fine man-made fibers, they leave no lint or dirt. Due to the type of microfiber used, these cloths are electrostatic and will also absorb grease and oil. Because of the fine thread and weave, they can even be anti-bacterial because they will pick up small bacteria that a cotton cloth can not. Cleaning cloths made of microfiber should be washed after every use in laundry detergent.